Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flick Pick


Just finished "The Business of Being Born" and wanted to let whomever is interested know that it is available now with Netflix. Here's the link if you haven't heard of it and want the lowdown.

My critique:

Well, it's definitely one-sided, but eye-opening and thought-provoking. And apparently hyphen-inducing. Anyhow, I enjoyed it because I like to be affirmed in my choice to birth at home with a midwife. It made me feel good and I liked seeing the beautiful births.

I was trying to play the devil's advocate too though while I watched, because I was thinking of persons on the other side of the issue, like medical professionals and those who choose hospital birth. I think if such a person were open-minded, he or she would be very interested in and informed by this movie, but I also think (this is my catechist's mind coming into play) that it could make one very defensive if she (or he) felt sure they had chosen the best for themselves and their baby by birthing in a hospital. I guess what I'm saying is, it might not get to their hearts. Although, how can you see a baby born in such a starkly contrasting manner to a hospital birth (as you do on this movie) and not be moved?

I hope it helps change things because it is just downright scary to me to think what can happen to mothers and babies in hospitals and what all this says about how we view life and the human person.

In other movie news: Paul and I watched "No Reservations" last night (McD in Goddard has Redbox--YAY!!!) and I would rate it 'enjoyable' on the non-existent Patty Movie Rating Scale. It is PG and would be 100% kid-friendly if it weren't for the fact that you know the guy slept over. (They show some kissing and then breakfast the next morning.) The way the guy chef relates to the niece would warm any gal's heart. Just some light movie-watching for the night you feel like a little "Ahhh now that's just sweet." Paul and I have to make what is possibly the biggest decision of our lives. Netflix, or Redbox?


Donkeyknight said...

"And apparently hyphen-inducing." That was excellent. I really enjoy reading good writers. As for weighing in on your dilemna, you know that: a)It is arguable that I am 10 times more obsessed with movies than you guys are and b) We still cancelled our Netflix at the end of our free trial and went back to the good ole free Public Library. I don't know anything about Redbox though...cheaper? quicker? Are you supporting evil McDonalds with your rentals? Do they still serve scrumptiddily umptious McGriddles there?

Patty Arnold said...

Hey Joel! Thanks for reading my blog! Thanks for the compliment; coming from you it means a lot. I always enjoy reading what you write. Redbox is quick and cheap--$1 a night per movie. I'm sure evil McD does get some of the money, but we can't help ourselves, and YES, I believe scrumshy McGriddles are still around!