Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gettin' into my Morning Groove

I love mornings. A whole new day, 'fresh with no mistakes in it' as Anne Shirley would say. A gift from God. Sun shining or not, I just love having a whole day ahead of me with limitless potential. Who knows what it will bring? Even though it has become pretty predictable, I still feel so hopeful in the morning about all the possibilities for accomplishing good.

Prior to about a week ago, the intensity of my daily mommyness began at approximately 6am and went strong until...hmm, not sure when. (In case you haven't picked up on the recurring theme, I am still 'adjusting' to the constant demands of two very needy little ones.) I often found myself at 10am still in pajamas and glasses, Grace still in pajamas, Joshua maybe napping in bed but more likely not, and my initial good morning mood gone after half a dozen spit-up messes, a chunk of hair removed from my head (thanks, Grace), and a poopy diaper change gone VERY wrong. And oh the resentment! I just wanted a little time to myself to transform into someone more 'put together' than Four-Eyed Pajama Mommy with Puppy Breath. I longed for a different start to my day so that I could enjoy my little ones and dive into my duties with vigor.

Husband to the rescue!

Back story: For almost six weeks now, Paul and I have been working out at night after the kids go to bed. We chose a particular set of videos and started out strong--6 days a week. Now it is at 4, but the workout is intense--an hour long and covering all muscle groups. Afterward I feel like a wet noodle. Grand total of pounds lost after six weeks of killing myself and giving up a lot of good rest and relaxation: 0. Now, the pants that fit pre-working out are too big and I am definitely stronger, but I had very high hopes of getting into my skinny pants by my 30th birthday. Sooo....

I mentioned to Paul about a week ago that I would work out an additional time of day if it were possible, and he volunteered to be Superdad from 6-7am so that I could get in a workout and shower, etc. Wow! My whole day has been transformed by 30 minutes of Cardio Hip-Hop (yes, you may giggle, I am sure I look like an idiot but no one is watching and I like to dance).

For a week now I have been able to secure an endorphin rush, de-stinkify myself, go glassesless and put on clothing all before 7am. What a difference this has made, what an impact on my entire day! Thank you, God!

Maybe I will eventually make peace with my 20 extra baby pounds. Maybe not. What I really want is to feel good about myself again. I realize that my worth is found in being a child of the Father, a temple of the Holy Spirit and united to my Savior...or do I? This is truly the ongoing struggle, I know. Knowing and loving myself means seeing me as God sees me. I'll keep working on that one. Meanwhile, I'll be here enjoying my mornings quite a bit more than before. (Thank you dear Paul.)

I think God must be a morning Person(s) too.


Lisa said...

Way to go Patty! I admire your hardwork. Also, way to go Paul!

simplemama said...

ok I actually haven't read the post yet but just wanted to say thanks for the cool picture you made with your face on teh body-that's too funny. You should blow it up and put it in your bathroom or something for motivation :)

Patty Arnold said...

it was fun to make!

simplemama said...

ok,now I read the post. I'm so happy for you finding that time! What a wonderful husband! Like I was saying before, I know how you feel right now but don't worry, one day you'll look down and miss that flabby skin reminding you of the precious home you've provided to your 2 precious jewels.
If anything, at least you are having fun getting down with yourself and being a more prepared mommy and wife for your family ;)