Saturday, March 22, 2008

30 continued

My husband and I are birthday buddies. Today HE turned 30. I love sharing the fun and special-ness of birthdays with him. We get to try to make each other feel like a million bucks just two days apart. Today was his turn, and we both had a good day--him doing the things he wanted and me trying to make him feel extra loved.

What did Paul choose to do on his special day? Work. But of course! I do not know anyone who loves to work as much as my husband. He worked on trenching in his homemade sprinkler system and we made headway on our painting project (I finally settled on a color).

Paul and I met and fell in love when we were 16. It is amazing to think that in a few short years we will have been a part of one another's lives longer than not. Really, it already feels that way. He is like my favorite jeans and t-shirt, all worn in. And yet, I am still learning new things. For instance: I just found out a week ago that Paul doesn't like broccoli. Who knew? Turns out he was just being nice all those times I made it and he ate it.

Ok, don't be sad when you look at this picture--Grace isn't actually crying. It's a funny story.

So here goes. I found filet mignon on sale while grocery shopping today and picked up a special grill rub to complement it. Oh I was so happy to cook up a special meal for my birthday boy! Turns out I went a little crazy with the rub, and although the steaks were just about the best I've tasted (Paul actually did the grilling), they were a tad peppery, as evidenced by the tears running down Grace's cheeks. Her little eyes spurted out tears with every peppery bite. We couldn't help laughing. In spite of her discomfort, after each bite she made an adamant request for "Muh-muh-muh" (more) and was quite sad when there was no "muh".

Grace is not a good eater. We have noticed that when the food is 'nice' (read: expensive, rich-tasting, well-prepared) she eats and eats and eats. What shall we do with her? Mommy is a decent cook, but not a gourmet. Guess we'll have to ship her off to France! (along with Mommy so I can learn to cook for her)

Back to Paul: Some of you know and love him, some of you don't really know him at all. Either way, please ask God to bless him on the occasion of his 30th birthday. Thank you dear reader!

Happy Birthday Paul Anthony! I love you!

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mary said...

thank you for loving my precious brother so well.