Thursday, March 20, 2008


Thank you, God and Dad and Mom, for giving me life!!! There aren't words sublime enough to express proper gratitude for this gift! Thank you Jesus for the gift of your very Self in the Eucharist! Again, 'thank you' doesn't quite do justice to the Gift, but there it is just the same.

I had a great day today. My husband and daughter woke me with a "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" and I got to shower! (It's the little things, you know?) Paul wrote me a loving email describing the gift he is giving me (it involves chocolate) and Mom came over to watch the little ones so I could run away and go shopping with my sister Gina. It was much fun and she treated me to Starbucks. I got an outfit for Easter/Birthday Party and some capris (love 'em) and we got to have girl chat.

Grace actually napped today (she's been under the weather so she hasn't been a great sleeper lately) and Joshua and I had special snuggle time while I caught up on a few shows online (Dancing with the Stars entertains me. I like seeing non-dancers learn to dance. It gives me hope that I could ballroom dance some day.) Paul brought home Applebees, and after the kids went to bed I went to adoration for a half-hour to spend time with my Jesus in the Garden.

All in all a super day. I feel so blessed, and refreshed.

I decided I need to grow up now that I'm 30. I need to act like an adult. More on what that means in a later post. I'm off to old women need our sleep.

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