Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week at the Arnolds'

A week ago today I took Joshua to the doctor after he had been running a high fever for two days. I can never actually get in to see the MD, always a PA, and I am thinking about trying to find a pediatrician, so if you have any advice PLEASE comment. Anyhow, the PA said he had several symptoms of pneumonia so he has been on antibiotics and is recovering well as far as I can tell.

Not to be left out, Grace has had several sick days in the last week. Yesterday was Day Two of fever for her and although she is not running a fever today, she puked this morning. Right now you would not know anything was ever wrong. It is difficult for a toddler to understand REST.

Paul has been up the better part of the past two nights with Grace, and Joshua has had two nights of restless Nurse-a-thon (he may be teething) so we're a little tired around here. Between that and the grey skies, I'd say we're right on track for Holy Week. That is if I can remember in the heat of a tired, cranky moment to offer my challenges to Christ. I'm trying, but it isn't always easy and I have a short memory. I hope He accepts sacrifices retroactively, because I often have to offer it to Him after the fact (while begging for forgiveness for my lack of patience at times).

I pray that all of you will have a truly Holy Week and grow closer to our suffering Lord so that we can all experience the joy of the Resurrection (hopefully with healthy children)!


Karen Mikols said...

I think retro-active offerings are perfectly OK. Isn't that part of St. Louis' True Devotion ... offering all past and future actions to Mary?

There you go! All better!

I'm a bad llama this holy week. I slept through my 3 a.m. adoration hour last night ... EEK!!!!!!!!! But I woke up sick at 5 a.m., so I fit right in with the kiddos. :-(

Patty Arnold said...

sorry to hear you're sick! guess we both have ready-made sacrifices for holy week