Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blueberry Ginger Icebox Pie

Here you go Erin!

Click here to go to recipe at coconutlime.blogspot

Julie Arnold tipped off the family to this yummy recipe. I have made it several times. Right now blueberries are a little on the expensive side. Later in the summer you can get a big ole carton that you won't even use up for 5.99. I recommend waiting until then. But I don't blame you if you can't resist. Beware of fibers when you grate the ginger. You might want to pull out the bigger strings because nobody wants to munch on fiber in their blueberry pie. I like real whipped cream on top.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

30 continued

My husband and I are birthday buddies. Today HE turned 30. I love sharing the fun and special-ness of birthdays with him. We get to try to make each other feel like a million bucks just two days apart. Today was his turn, and we both had a good day--him doing the things he wanted and me trying to make him feel extra loved.

What did Paul choose to do on his special day? Work. But of course! I do not know anyone who loves to work as much as my husband. He worked on trenching in his homemade sprinkler system and we made headway on our painting project (I finally settled on a color).

Paul and I met and fell in love when we were 16. It is amazing to think that in a few short years we will have been a part of one another's lives longer than not. Really, it already feels that way. He is like my favorite jeans and t-shirt, all worn in. And yet, I am still learning new things. For instance: I just found out a week ago that Paul doesn't like broccoli. Who knew? Turns out he was just being nice all those times I made it and he ate it.

Ok, don't be sad when you look at this picture--Grace isn't actually crying. It's a funny story.

So here goes. I found filet mignon on sale while grocery shopping today and picked up a special grill rub to complement it. Oh I was so happy to cook up a special meal for my birthday boy! Turns out I went a little crazy with the rub, and although the steaks were just about the best I've tasted (Paul actually did the grilling), they were a tad peppery, as evidenced by the tears running down Grace's cheeks. Her little eyes spurted out tears with every peppery bite. We couldn't help laughing. In spite of her discomfort, after each bite she made an adamant request for "Muh-muh-muh" (more) and was quite sad when there was no "muh".

Grace is not a good eater. We have noticed that when the food is 'nice' (read: expensive, rich-tasting, well-prepared) she eats and eats and eats. What shall we do with her? Mommy is a decent cook, but not a gourmet. Guess we'll have to ship her off to France! (along with Mommy so I can learn to cook for her)

Back to Paul: Some of you know and love him, some of you don't really know him at all. Either way, please ask God to bless him on the occasion of his 30th birthday. Thank you dear reader!

Happy Birthday Paul Anthony! I love you!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Thank you, God and Dad and Mom, for giving me life!!! There aren't words sublime enough to express proper gratitude for this gift! Thank you Jesus for the gift of your very Self in the Eucharist! Again, 'thank you' doesn't quite do justice to the Gift, but there it is just the same.

I had a great day today. My husband and daughter woke me with a "Happy Birthday Sweetheart" and I got to shower! (It's the little things, you know?) Paul wrote me a loving email describing the gift he is giving me (it involves chocolate) and Mom came over to watch the little ones so I could run away and go shopping with my sister Gina. It was much fun and she treated me to Starbucks. I got an outfit for Easter/Birthday Party and some capris (love 'em) and we got to have girl chat.

Grace actually napped today (she's been under the weather so she hasn't been a great sleeper lately) and Joshua and I had special snuggle time while I caught up on a few shows online (Dancing with the Stars entertains me. I like seeing non-dancers learn to dance. It gives me hope that I could ballroom dance some day.) Paul brought home Applebees, and after the kids went to bed I went to adoration for a half-hour to spend time with my Jesus in the Garden.

All in all a super day. I feel so blessed, and refreshed.

I decided I need to grow up now that I'm 30. I need to act like an adult. More on what that means in a later post. I'm off to bed...us old women need our sleep.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week at the Arnolds'

A week ago today I took Joshua to the doctor after he had been running a high fever for two days. I can never actually get in to see the MD, always a PA, and I am thinking about trying to find a pediatrician, so if you have any advice PLEASE comment. Anyhow, the PA said he had several symptoms of pneumonia so he has been on antibiotics and is recovering well as far as I can tell.

Not to be left out, Grace has had several sick days in the last week. Yesterday was Day Two of fever for her and although she is not running a fever today, she puked this morning. Right now you would not know anything was ever wrong. It is difficult for a toddler to understand REST.

Paul has been up the better part of the past two nights with Grace, and Joshua has had two nights of restless Nurse-a-thon (he may be teething) so we're a little tired around here. Between that and the grey skies, I'd say we're right on track for Holy Week. That is if I can remember in the heat of a tired, cranky moment to offer my challenges to Christ. I'm trying, but it isn't always easy and I have a short memory. I hope He accepts sacrifices retroactively, because I often have to offer it to Him after the fact (while begging for forgiveness for my lack of patience at times).

I pray that all of you will have a truly Holy Week and grow closer to our suffering Lord so that we can all experience the joy of the Resurrection (hopefully with healthy children)!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tonight Grace is filling in for me, as I am preoccupied with lesson plans and sick baby.

c , xxn Az vcx c md/ CCCG .VCVB ..B..VBF B S.;;;CSDCZC

I second that thought.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gettin' into my Morning Groove

I love mornings. A whole new day, 'fresh with no mistakes in it' as Anne Shirley would say. A gift from God. Sun shining or not, I just love having a whole day ahead of me with limitless potential. Who knows what it will bring? Even though it has become pretty predictable, I still feel so hopeful in the morning about all the possibilities for accomplishing good.

Prior to about a week ago, the intensity of my daily mommyness began at approximately 6am and went strong until...hmm, not sure when. (In case you haven't picked up on the recurring theme, I am still 'adjusting' to the constant demands of two very needy little ones.) I often found myself at 10am still in pajamas and glasses, Grace still in pajamas, Joshua maybe napping in bed but more likely not, and my initial good morning mood gone after half a dozen spit-up messes, a chunk of hair removed from my head (thanks, Grace), and a poopy diaper change gone VERY wrong. And oh the resentment! I just wanted a little time to myself to transform into someone more 'put together' than Four-Eyed Pajama Mommy with Puppy Breath. I longed for a different start to my day so that I could enjoy my little ones and dive into my duties with vigor.

Husband to the rescue!

Back story: For almost six weeks now, Paul and I have been working out at night after the kids go to bed. We chose a particular set of videos and started out strong--6 days a week. Now it is at 4, but the workout is intense--an hour long and covering all muscle groups. Afterward I feel like a wet noodle. Grand total of pounds lost after six weeks of killing myself and giving up a lot of good rest and relaxation: 0. Now, the pants that fit pre-working out are too big and I am definitely stronger, but I had very high hopes of getting into my skinny pants by my 30th birthday. Sooo....

I mentioned to Paul about a week ago that I would work out an additional time of day if it were possible, and he volunteered to be Superdad from 6-7am so that I could get in a workout and shower, etc. Wow! My whole day has been transformed by 30 minutes of Cardio Hip-Hop (yes, you may giggle, I am sure I look like an idiot but no one is watching and I like to dance).

For a week now I have been able to secure an endorphin rush, de-stinkify myself, go glassesless and put on clothing all before 7am. What a difference this has made, what an impact on my entire day! Thank you, God!

Maybe I will eventually make peace with my 20 extra baby pounds. Maybe not. What I really want is to feel good about myself again. I realize that my worth is found in being a child of the Father, a temple of the Holy Spirit and united to my Savior...or do I? This is truly the ongoing struggle, I know. Knowing and loving myself means seeing me as God sees me. I'll keep working on that one. Meanwhile, I'll be here enjoying my mornings quite a bit more than before. (Thank you dear Paul.)

I think God must be a morning Person(s) too.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flick Pick


Just finished "The Business of Being Born" and wanted to let whomever is interested know that it is available now with Netflix. Here's the link if you haven't heard of it and want the lowdown.

My critique:

Well, it's definitely one-sided, but eye-opening and thought-provoking. And apparently hyphen-inducing. Anyhow, I enjoyed it because I like to be affirmed in my choice to birth at home with a midwife. It made me feel good and I liked seeing the beautiful births.

I was trying to play the devil's advocate too though while I watched, because I was thinking of persons on the other side of the issue, like medical professionals and those who choose hospital birth. I think if such a person were open-minded, he or she would be very interested in and informed by this movie, but I also think (this is my catechist's mind coming into play) that it could make one very defensive if she (or he) felt sure they had chosen the best for themselves and their baby by birthing in a hospital. I guess what I'm saying is, it might not get to their hearts. Although, how can you see a baby born in such a starkly contrasting manner to a hospital birth (as you do on this movie) and not be moved?

I hope it helps change things because it is just downright scary to me to think what can happen to mothers and babies in hospitals and what all this says about how we view life and the human person.

In other movie news: Paul and I watched "No Reservations" last night (McD in Goddard has Redbox--YAY!!!) and I would rate it 'enjoyable' on the non-existent Patty Movie Rating Scale. It is PG and would be 100% kid-friendly if it weren't for the fact that you know the guy slept over. (They show some kissing and then breakfast the next morning.) The way the guy chef relates to the niece would warm any gal's heart. Just some light movie-watching for the night you feel like a little "Ahhh now that's just sweet."

Soooooo......now Paul and I have to make what is possibly the biggest decision of our lives. Netflix, or Redbox?