Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekly Menu

Saturdays I do meal planning and grocery shopping. I love this chore, now more so than ever because: A. Paul tells me what sounds good to eat (I don't know about you but it gets burdensome making ALL the choices every week), and B. Paul watches the kids sometimes so I can go alone! :)

Today he has a hospital call and cows to tend to so I'll have to take the little darlings along and bribe them with an oatmeal cookie as big as my hand but we will manage.

The weather is AWESOME!!! 66 degrees and sunny. At this moment I am having second thoughts about grocery shopping this afternoon. It would be much better to spend our after-nap-time outside playing! Maybe we'll delay until after supper. When they're cranky. Sigh. And so I say, the perfect time to run errands with toddlers is when they're OLDER.

Here's what we're having this week:

Saturday: Sicilian Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables
Sunday: Superbowl Fare--Sliders, Chips and dip, Grasshopper Cake
Monday: Turkey and Cous-Cous, Green Beans
Tuesday: Fried Chicken, Green Salad, Fruit Salad
Wednesday: Butternut Squash Soup, Grilled Cheese
Thursday: Manicotti and Salad
Friday: Coconut Curry Chicken & Rice, Broccoli, Sauteed Apples

Anybody know where I can get decent fish around these parts? We want to eat fish once a week but everything I've bought so far tastes 'fishy'. HELP!


Monica said...

We love the salmon fillets from Dillons. Aldis, of all places, also has decent shrimp and bay scallops. Sams has a pretty good selection too. Your menu looks great, we are much more spontaneous around here, and Aaron probably does over 1/2 the cooking. Cheers!

Sharon said...

I love your menu!
I menu plan, too, though I haven't since we started moving.
I bribe my kids w/ a donut. lol Rarely I go without them.

Would you be willing to link to some of your recipes in the future? (I'm wondering what makes the meatloaf "Sicilian")

66 degrees. I am jealous. We're still in the 20s!

courtney rose said...

No idea on the fish thing (vegetarian over here) BUT... is Paul a vet??

Michelle said...

I love menu planning! It sure does take the stress out of cooking! We love Tilapia (Walmart sells them in a family box - they're individually frozen and sealed) it's doesn't taste fishy at all in my opinion. My little boy Ira (almost 3) loves eating it. Good luck!

Patty Arnold said...

Thanks for the advice all!

Courtney, Paul is an orthotist. Hence the hospital call to fit a brace on a patient who had just had a hip replacement. The cows...are the family cows that were apparently hungry for some hay and it was Paul's turn to go feed them. :)

Patty Arnold said...


Sicilian Meatloaf is one of my mother-in-law's recipes, of what origin I do not know. Basically, it is your customary meatloaf recipe that you mix up and then lay out jelly-roll style, put on a layer of ham and cheese, and then roll up and bake. Kinda like 'meatloaf cordon bleu'.