Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Joys

Greatest joy of the day so far:

I went in to fetch a smiling Joshua from bed this morning and the first thing he asked for was "Sissy". I took him out to the kitchen where she was eating and she smiled and said, "Hi." He smiled back and said, "Hi." Such a simple greeting, but a beautiful way to start our Monday.
Also great because one of my current resolutions is to begin the day with a loving greeting to each member of my family. They're on board today.

Second greatest joy of the day so far:

Pictured above. I love catching them reading.


Kate said...

So Sweet!!! I just adore hearing the loving greetings between little ones. Bella loves her new "Baby Stacy" as she calls her, and showers her with lots of kisses and hugs, and other forms of smothering... uh, I mean affection. :)

Cute picture! I know the book Joshua is holding well - Bella recites key words from it (like exercise, scrub scrub scrub, etc). Although I can't say I'm in love with Boynton, I love listening to Bella "read" them!

Enjoy your Monday!

Kate said...

p.s. - keep blogging (as time permits, obviously) I love hearing about you and your precious little ones!

Monica said...

Yay for books, Gemma loves to read too, I think it's great! I see you all are fans of "The Going to Bed Book", too!! Happy Monday!

Patty Arnold said...

Kate, blogging regularly (and more simply) is one of my resolutions! I can't believe you don't love Boynton. We have quite the collection going.

Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

WOWSAS! I can't get OVER how much Joshua looks like Paul! What cuties!