Friday, January 16, 2009

I Finally Did It

You know that list of things about which you think, "You know, I really should do this." And then you keep putting it off and so forth and never do it for, oh, say YEARS but then you finally do it and it's great?

Well, a few days ago I did something like that, something I haven't done since I was in college, back when I had oodles of free time.

I baked bread.

Not sweet breads, I've made lots of those. I mean the bread you eat every day, that you and your family devour by the loaf in the form of toast and sandwiches. Every day bread.

And it was good! (And shockingly easy, just like I knew it would be.)

I am hoping this is going to be a regular thing. I even added it to my schedule of weekly chores. If all goes as planned, I'll bake two loaves on Sundays. I'm blogging about this to hold myself accountable more than to inspire you. But I do urge you to give it a try (you've probably been baking your own bread for ages) if you haven't.

** Here's the link to the recipe I used. Alterations I made: I used 2 cups whole wheat flour and 2 cups all-purpose flour, and I used Active Dry Yeast and just put my dough in a warm place instead of at room temperature.


Sharon said...

It looks delicious. :)
And I have never made my own bread like that-only quick breads.
Is your recipe online?

Patty Arnold said...

Sharon, Yes! I should have added it to the post. I will fix that.

courtney rose said...

Patty- you are an amazing, beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing what you do on this blog- I truly enjoy each and every post.

I've checked out the site you recommended with the bread recipe. I'm thinking I might go for it and make a loaf tomorrow....

Patty Arnold said...

Thanks Courtney! I really enjoy your blog as well. Have fun bread-making! It makes me feel so domestic and my house smell so wonderful!