Monday, February 2, 2009


REVISED Weekly Menu:

Saturday: Opened what was supposed to be hamburger to find....a ROAST! Instead of meatloaf we had breakfast burritos (eggs, cheese, bacon in a tortilla), which were a hit.
Sunday: I was sick. Sick sick sick. Paul fried up some burgers I guess, I couldn't care less. I saw the 100 yard touchdown, that's all I know.
Monday: The previously mentioned offending roast with potatoes and carrots, lovingly placed in the crock pot by mom. Thanks mom. It was great. Not so offensive when I don't have to cook it.
Tuesday: May try to resume the menu previously posted in some fashion, but with a better sense of humor as I am feeling slightly mocked by...don't know who. My own efforts to be organized?

I'm feeling much better but off to bed anyhow. Hope your week is going along more smoothly than mine!

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