Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello, this is the Arnolds' Residence!

You move to a new home in a new town. You get a new phone number, selected from three or four choices because it has a pattern you think people will easily remember. You notify everyone you know of your new number.

And then...

In the days and weeks and months that follow, you come to the realization that the people who had your number before you most likely changed their number TO EVADE BILL COLLECTORS. Or they lost their phone service.

Either way, I have decided to just start praying for them.

I'm praying for you, Dilbert and Gertrude Billwicky (names changed to respect their privacy). It won't be hard to remember to.


Sharon said...

Oh how frustrating!!
Do you have caller ID? I'd be so tempted to let it just go to voicemail, but I'm sure they'd call back.

Christine said...

That totally happens to us all the time with our number too. I have less sympathy though when the guy used the same number to add himself (on a cell) to our phone plan. Suddenly there was a huge bill for a number that wasn't ours. Sad - but I do feel for his family and the calls I've received from the DRE at their Church.

Patty Arnold said...

Sharon, We went for the cheapo plan, no extras. Sometimes it's a good thing, though, because I don't avoid calls I should take.

Christine, Wow I've never heard of that happening. That's sad.