Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Small (or Not-So-Small) Accomplishment

Grace is very good about amusing herself most of the time. She will toddle off to her room and imagine up a game that usually involves the redistribution of her toys into boxes or bags. Sometimes she emerges from her room in a hat with a bag of something-or-other and goes around the corner into the kitchen waving bye-bye to me.

Yesterday she was playing happily in her room when I got up from nursing to go to Joshua's room for a diaper change (for him, not me, thank goodness--although some day the tables may be turned, poor kid). I peeked in as I was cruising by and stopped short. This is what I saw.

Believe it or not, I have been trying to show her how to pull things over to use as a stepping stool. As of this moment, I guess she finally got it! She couldn't quite get her leg up far enough to climb into her Pack'N'Play, which would have upset her because she would have been stuck in there. She did, however, proceed to carry her chair around the house, seeing what mischief she could find. Look out world!


milkyknitter said...

Goodness, it begins ;) Liam now realizes that if he puts things against the cabinet, he can reach things on it (which is where i put all the stuff i don't want him to reach). Like the food when i am making dinner, or the knife i am cutting bread with :/ I think that Liam and Grace are cosmic twins. Those 2006 babies are all spunky!

mary said...

amen to the crazy 06 babes. what a brood. yikes for when they're 16!!

Matthew said...

"That's good old Marney Common Sense at work," says Grandpa.