Friday, February 8, 2008

Day of a Thousand Fits (and No Naps)

I was really looking forward to today. It's Friday, and beside the fact that it means the weekend is about to begin (I really enjoy having Paul home, and I promise it's NOT just because he's such a good daddy and gives me some relief, although that is a good reason too), I'm going grocery shopping, which I actually really enjoy.

Anyhow, I was really looking forward to today. And I'm still in good spirits, but the morning has been intense. Each time I try to lay down a very tired sleeping baby Joshua in his bed, his whole body tenses up and he is suddenly awake and shrieking. He is adorable and I love cuddling him and I really wouldn't mind letting him sleep in my arms, but I have a toddler to contend with and chores to get done, not to mention lesson plans to write. So, here we are at lunch time and he is swinging (not contentedly) so that I can have a short break and feed Grace, who decided naptime was overrated and is sitting with sleepy eyes eating her peanut butter toast.

Grace Grace Grace, where do I begin? Sometimes when she is throwing a crying fit, screaming in rage with tears running down her cheeks, I am unsure if I should scold her or hold her. I also feel confused as to why it is SO SAD that I won't let her play with the clothes laying out on the table to dry when there are several other more exciting options. The forbidden fruit is tastiest I suppose.... This morning the rule was simple. If I wanted her to do something, she didn't want to do it. If I didn't acquiesce to her every whim (which was about every five minutes) she was beside herself with sorrow. I actually let her make a huge mess with a granola bar so I could have a few moments peace.

Well Joshua has reached his limit and Grace is 'all done'. We are going bye-bye very soon so Mommy doesn't lose it.


Lisa said...

I think all stay-at-home moms can understand how you are feeling. We all have these days and moments. I am glad I am not alone. Lisa

Donkeyknight said...

"I actually let her make a huge mess with a granola bar." -Oh!! A granola bar!

So I read this post to answer the question "What is that a picture of?" Because it looks like some funky poop on the floor. Maybe I am still scarred from my morning of trying to potty train Jude. So as I neared the end of your post, I was concerned that you were never going to address what was in the photo. Thankfully, that third-to- last sentence cleared up any confusion. Thank you.