Sunday, March 15, 2009

Onion Baby Mama

Paul has thus-ly named me.

I'm the one who started calling them my "onion babies", jokingly, but I DID plant them lovingly in their flats, and I DID nurse them along for 6 weeks, and I DID get sort of attached to them and obsessed with getting them the maximum amount of sunlight once they had 'hatched', carrying them downstairs for the morning (east window with ledge the little shrimpys can't reach) and up for the afternoon (south window). Watering them, trimming them, singing them to sleep...okay just kidding about that last one.

Yesterday, it was like sending them off to college, I planted them in THE GARDEN amidst trampling toddler feet (I think you can see that one of the ones pictured above fell prey to said feet) and let them go....

Well not completely. I visit them every day. I think the term is "helicopter mom".


Sharon said...

LOL! Love the post title. Definitely caught my attention.
Congrats on your babies growing. ;)

Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

I'm the SAME WAY w/ my baby tomato plants. You're not alone!!!

Michelle said...

It is funny how attached we get to our little seedlings. Sometimes I wonder if Ira thinks ours get more attention than him! But it's SO fun to watch them grow and think about the awesome produce we will have all summer!