Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cake for Breakfast

Want a fun way to liven up your morning with little people? Give them a whole piece of cake and a fork and sit back and observe. (Note, in case you're wondering what kind of mother gives her children cake for breakfast: No, this is not your Bill-Cosby-chocolate-cake for-breakfast cake. It is a "breakfast cake" that includes things such as whole wheat flour, less sugar, and bananas. )

Grace carefully tried to cut off one bite at a time from the hunk by sticking her fork straight down in to it. She succeeded a few times, too. Good work Grace. This is her saying, "Mmmmmmmm."

Joshua's method, on the other hand, was to obliterate the cake by various means and then pick up the pieces. He missed his mouth several times. And let me just say that we have no qualms about eating cake off of the floor.

With all the personality indicators out there, I'm sure cake-eating methods must be a fair way to assess something-or-other. I'm happy to say that their methods seemed gender appropriate to me. To be perfectly honest, I was just doing it for my own amusement.


Here is a great question posed by my lenten reading, He Leadeth Me:

Have I allowed the luxury of feeling sorry for myself to cloud my vision and prevent me from seeing my current situation in the eyes of God?

This question is so helpful for my emotional self. There are many days when I wonder if I will ever get anything done or have any time to breathe. Recent illness has made mothering an even more intense job. This book is really helping me see myself and my life in a different light. Each day, each moment comes from the hands of God and serves a purpose in his providence.

That's all for now. God has sent a sweet boy with stinky pants over to me to reveal His will for the moment--a diaper change.


Erin said...

Your babies are so beautiful!

An interesting note on eating- Issy and Liam are neat eaters. Isaac, on the other hand, notsomuch. This could have to do with the fact that he tends to close his eyes when he lifts his eating utensil to his mouth. It makes me thankful we have dogs. And it is pretty amusing to watch!

Patty Arnold said...

LOL How funny.

Monica said...

Patty, your reflections always are so timely for me. How do you do it? I think I need to head over to and look for that book.


And I'm glad someone else still laughs at Bill Cosby. Amazed at how many people have never seen his "Himself" stand-up show. Tooooooo incredibly funny. Care to share your "healthy" cake recipe? We're all about the whole-wheat flour and healthier alternatives around here... Let me know, I can give you my email if you want.

Patty Arnold said...


Trinity has the book if you're impatient like me. :)

I will be happy to post my cake recipe. I've had such a hard time getting my kids to eat lately, I decided to 'cheat' a little.

Monica said...

YAY!! Thanks, Patty.

Gemma's eating is one of my daily "crosses", this sounds like a fun treat. We don't really do much sugar (OK, really hardly any) around here for her so this will be fun, and healthy.