Friday, February 13, 2009


I know they're not in season, but they were on sale! Joshua likes to eat them,

Grace likes to decorate with them.

Grace, repeat after me: "I will not put blueberries on the carpet or furniture. I will not put blueberries in any orifice but my mouth. I will not remove half-chewed blueberries from my mouth for any reason no matter how driven I feel to 'paint' with them. I will not sit on blueberries." I think that should just about cover it. Oh, except "Should I choose to violate these blueberry rules, I will not involve my little brother in my blueberry crimes."


Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

hahahaha!!!!!!! I laughed out LOUD at the "grace, repeat after me" portion. Isn't that kiddos?

Patty Arnold said...

she thinks of the most interesting things to do with food. :)

Sharon said...

Joshua is quite the little stud!
Very cute scenario. (unless I am the one cleaning it up;)

Patty Arnold said...