Thursday, November 6, 2008

How Mom Gets Things Done

Joshua, where are your pants?

Yes, I heard the tell-tale thump-thump-thumpety-thump-crash. Again, and again. And again.

I knew what was going on, and I did nothing to stop it.

Don't you judge me. I am not a bad mom. They were supposed to be taking naps but refused. That's my only real defense.

All reachable items from Grace's room, the living room, and the kitchen/dining area.

Proud much my Gracie?


Lisa said...

That is funny. Kids just love to make a mess, especially when it involves making noise. I suppose that's why we can't keep books on our bookshelves.

Kate said...

Ah, the mischief that happens at naptime... and Bella can't even get out of her crib yet! She reaches through the bard to the stack of boxes and pulls things out of them through the handle holes. I'll hear thumping and then "uh-oh." Lord help me when she can get further...

BTW, TAG! If you have time or interest, there's a fun meme over at my blog for you. I know you're busy, so no worries; it's just for fun.

Sharon said...

LOVE it!!!

Btw, it's Sharon from FUS. :)
I didn't know you had a blog. Yay!
I saw your comment on the Faith & Family Live site and thought I'd check out this site since there was a similar choice being made.

Long time no "see". Your family is beautiful and it's great running into you!