Thursday, September 16, 2010

Coffee Twice

I am not ashamed to say I frequent Starbucks. Their coffee makes me happy.

That said, I do try to make and drink coffee at home most days as opposed to buying out. I brew my strong 12 ounces and splash in some half and half and do alright.

Some days, like today, I want a yummier-than-usual coffee drink, and I don't plan to be out and about, and even if I do go out I just don't feel like forking over three bucks.

So I make this Maple Cinnamon Coffee.

I make enough for a hot cup in the morning and then later I ice the rest and add milk, 1 to 1, and it is a lovely iced coffee drink. I don't do the whipped cream usually, just my half and half or un-whipped heavy cream. And the amount of maple syrup she calls for is a little too sweet for me, but you'll have to experiment to see what you like.


Deardale said...

This looks soo yummy! Love your blog! Feel free to join mine as well. I just joined but later on we can share recipes and stuff too maybe.

JamaicanInToronto said...

Looks delish! I'm sticking to my non-fat latte though! lol!

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