Thursday, April 3, 2008

Still Kickin'!

Dear Readers,

Stick with me here, life's been a little wild. Here's a bit of why:

I decided Paul and I needed to have a birthday party for our 30th. This put us (mostly him) into high gear on house projects, including but not limited to painting, decorating, and furniture making.

Besides the obvious Grace-in-a-box, we see here an incomplete paint job, a wall under repair, and a coffee table midway through the construction process. Grace is enjoying a rejected decoration which today houses her books displaced as a result of the completion of the doors for the bookshelf:

Paul did a mighty fine job on the doors. Turns out babies + paper = utter destruction, so until recently the bookshelf had been demoted to play shelf. It's nice to have reclaimed it for us big kids.

Here's the finished (for now, anyway) living room:

Mom and little sister came over the day before the big bash and Mom helped me decorate my kitchen while sister trimmed, highlighted, and straightened my monstrous hair. Thanks lovely ladies! Here's the kitchen makeover; I don't have a Patty makeover picture but I wish I did.

The party was a lot of fun. I'm so glad everyone came. I feel blessed. That being said, we probably won't do that again. I'm not sure our budget (food is expensive) or our marriage could take it. I feel compelled to note: Each of Paul's furniture projects--bookshelf doors, coffee table top, wall shelves--cost a mere $12 each. Thanks to his dad for all the reclaimed pine!

In other news, Joshua is all better and working on a double chin. I took him to the doctor (actually saw the MD!) for a follow-up this week and he had gained over a POUND in the three weeks since our initial visit.

Grace...well what can I say...Grace loves meatballs. She has really improved her eating habits. Perhaps it's the independence. It may be long overdue, but we now just give her the food on her own plate with her own utensils and let her go. Beneficial neglect.

And that's all for now!


Kate said...

Hi Patty, glad to have you back! The house looks GREAT! I love your decor! I am also so impressed by Paul's lovely bookshelf, and can appreciate the need for doors~ paperbacks and babies - no good at all. :)

Glad to hear yall are feeling better, and post a pic of your new 'do!

Patty Arnold said...

Thanks Kate! I will try for a pic of me...

Karen Mikols said...

WOW! The bookshelf and living room look UH-MAZING!

WHen are you taking your decorating show on the road? I seriously need HELP with Erik's living room....

Patty Arnold said...

i have absolutely NO decorating skills of my own. Paul and Mom pretty much did it all. i just followed orders.

Lisa said...

Way to go on the decorating! Now if you could help me finally figure out a paint color for our walls and decor that would be great!