Friday, August 6, 2010

On days like today

...when I am exhausted and just plain sick of my kids, adorable blessings though they may be, I dream about things like:

Building this house.

Running away with my sexy husband to Tahiti.

Sewing a cute apron.

What do you dream about?


Sharon said...

Oh yes, I dream of running away w/ my husband, too!
And taking an US only (no kids!) vacation to Martha's Vineyard, among other places.

Do you have a babysitter at all?
We don't (yet), but w/ Pat finishing up school, I think we'll aim for one once a month so we can have a date.

Patty Arnold said...

thankfully we live around family.
unfortunately, my husband doesn't always see the need for dates like i do. i think if we went on more dates i wouldn't feel the need to run away together. or maybe i still would!

Erika Marie said...

I dream about making cute aprons too.
I also dream about painting and I admit I've probably dreamt about running away by myself more than about running away with my husband.

Karen (Mikols) Bonar said...

I dream about getting a housekeeper. :)