Friday, July 23, 2010

Do You Delano?

Hey y'all.

This is kind of selfish but kind of not. I buy Delano bread every week at Dillons, because I don't have time to do everything and making bread (even though it's fairly easy and I really like my recipe) is something I have given up for now to make life easier. Oh but back to Delano bread. It appeals to my "locavore" side and tastes good and they have whole wheat and double oat bran and my kids like it etc. etc. etc.

Ok so the selfish/not selfish part is this: I am sharing a referral link here that will earn me Groupon credit but link YOU to a great deal. It is for $15 worth of food/coffee/delano product at Dolci & Joe's in college hill. It costs YOU $6. I bought three myself, because even if I don't go there for a date (which would be wonderful), I can buy Delano bread there for just over a buck a loaf. It sells for 3.19 at Dillons. Oh. Yeah.

Here you go if you want in:

It's only good today.

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Erika Marie said...

man, this is what I miss out on when I decide not to check my google reader for a few days! bummer, well hope you got the coupon...
p.s I don't think that's selfish because I've thought of doing things like that too...