Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cough 'Em Up!

My newest preoccupation as of late, besides all the new life of spring (gardening and raising chicks), has been 'adventures in saving money', mostly in the form of coupons matched up with sale prices or rebates and the like. I'm having a lot of fun with it and saving us some money too.

More reflections later on what I've learned...right now I just want to know what websites YOU like to consult if you're playing the same game I am. Please leave comments!


Karen (Mikols) Bonar said... --- LOVE this one!


And the Sunday coupons in general. Last week, I had a $1/off coupon for bsalmic vinagarette, w/ the sale price of like $2.39, PLUS my coupon, I felt like I got it for a steal! :)

Monica said...

I always just google wherever I'm going and see what I come up with. I'm amazed at the random coupons you'll find.